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The standard internet model of putting ads next to everything is under pressure, as advertisers are realizing that „everything,“ on the internet, means mostly racist videos….if there’s a backlash against the just-put-it-anywhere ethos of advertising on the internet, that will benefit traditional arbiters of truth and newsworthiness. It’s a nice revenge of traditional journalism against Google.

It’s reassurung to see that advertisers are increasingly selective about where they place their ads – a wink towards programmatic over grazers. The same goes for content. I think we’ll see advertisers choose with sharper eyes who they want to cooperate with. Before that happens they’ll need to figure out who is harmful to their brand, fakes followers or abuses readers trust. A strong brand will eventually end up in the cheap seats if the content is more focused on pr noise than true voice.

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Screenshots without ads

Update: Here’s another example of a screenshot without ads in form of a news article. Even though the NYT is less instrusive and has a solid base of ad free digital subscribers, why not link to the site?

Annexation of Macrotime

„The path is the goal“ is easier said than done. Being mindful and present is part of that path until one arrives at a destination. The idea of being present is occupied by snaps and apps, where we document our presence all alone even in presence of other people.

When we experience macrotime, the quality of an event is experienced, it’s actualized, yet we are loosing our ability to discover the „event“. The idea is akin to being a tourist rather than a traveller, where we stay in sterile hotels of reclusive relaxation. To engage with local culture means to leave your controlled comfort zone for random discovery, to be curious about other people, to listen and walk down the road not taken.

It seems harder to find that road, too many people document their mundane private moments on social media, giving away their ego for approval along with private data that feeds the stock market. We’re loosing the ability to walk this way and discover the experience of presence in macrotime.

I’ve heard that if you have nothing to hide than what do you have at all? In our streams of digital consciousness, we’re learning how to filter what’s relevant, albeit it’s a whole lotta algorithms that feed us with discovery, only to reflect and repeat same same but not different.

I think we need to annex macrotime, which is even more pertinent in light of your social media accounts being scrutinized when entering other countries.

Bonn thinks big locally

Exporting soft culture in form of news publications ain’t that easy for se Germans. But if you think local, small and in the world’s lingua franca, the Bonner General Anzeiger is hitting a spot. It makes sense to do it in Bonn with it’s numerous international institutions, not to mention the UN.

Local integration works better for newcomers if they can get their local news fix. And since many don’t speak German when they arrive or leave, the audience is definitely there. I’m sure the General Anzeiger in English will find more than 25k impressions a month.

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Sure, throw away your ad money

„Ad fraud is estimated to be between 2% and 90%. In other words, no one has a fucking clue. Most knowledgeable people (including the WFA) believe it may easily be 30%. No matter what your „cyber-security team“ tells you, nobody knows how much fraud there is in online advertising. But everyone agrees it’s massive.“

I still don’t understand why clients spend their money with well known tricksters, who care more about cheap automation than human information, oh and kickbacks. Sure, there are efforts to get viewable impressions trackable and credible and Google’s AdSense still makes so much sense, jaa, but too many parts of the interwebs enjoy affinity to money that disappears into cybernirvana or pockets of hot air.

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Boundaries of Compassion

I’m happy to be alive in this time of age. I can live to be over 80 as a man, I can easily access one of the last frontier countries on planet earth, New Zealand, if I want to. I have access to affordable health care and can take paid parental leave for twelve months for my new born child, if I want to. I can choose from an array of media sources on the interwebs to attain the closest account of the truth possible.

I’m impressed about refugees, who arrived in masses last year, getting their first pay checks in their new jobs, which makes me proud, especially as a German. I’m also content about Berlin’s reaction to the fear machine, been there, done that, it’s so 1933.

Even though 2016 has been a mighty dirty dust in the wind, unity is more common than division and those who understand our misperception of being stuck inside our skin, where we outsource happiness to us versus others, are those who hold the light for others.

What we need is more compassion and a whole lotta less fear to fix our problems on planet earth. Yet, we still need clear boundaries of compassion as inspiration for those who are strongly attached to their ego, simply lost in the universe, sleepwalk in daylight with their headphones or pray to superficial signifiers.

Room for nouvellistes à la bouche

„City’s green spaces were used for group meetings where nouvellistes à la bouche carefully maintained pipelines of information and others collected around a single well-informed individual – the bonhomme.“ (Stephens, 1997, pg 35).

I’ve been wondering how we can rediscover those green spaces in the city, where well-informed individuals actually do know, weigh in and listen, as opposed to those who unknowingly redistribute fake news, focus on inconsequential fluff or are better at crying for attention.

When listening to Obama’s last press conference this year, it dawned on me that the bonhomme will be harder to find in 2017. Albeit, I do have hope, because punk would have never been so strong without the politics of Thatcher.

Stephens, M. (1997). A History of News. Orlando: Harcourt Brace.


Next Renegades

I’ve had enough time to let Brexump sink in, it’s still sad to see, yet even with it’s reclusive element of echo chambers and half cooked truths, we’ll see new movements emerge even stronger, because there always is a counter model, the other. Bernie just showed a glimpse of what is possible.

Until then, we’ll have to deal with Brexump politics that rather halt progress and devolve relations with our interconnected planet. Both new political spheres are already lost in their own bubble, with pressure to walk the talk, giving way to renegades with counter models that actually work and reconnect with those who were distracted.