Boundaries of Compassion

I’m happy to be alive in this time of age. I can live to be over 80 as a man, I can easily access one of the last frontier countries on planet earth, New Zealand, if I want to. I have access to affordable health care and can take paid parental leave for twelve months for my new born child, if I want to. I can choose from an array of media sources on the interwebs to attain the closest account of the truth possible.

I’m impressed about refugees, who arrived in masses last year, getting their first pay checks in their new jobs, which makes me proud, especially as a German. I’m also content about Berlin’s reaction to the fear machine, been there, done that, it’s so 1933.

Even though 2016 has been a mighty dirty dust in the wind, unity is more common than division and those who understand our misperception of being stuck inside our skin, where we outsource happiness to us versus others, are those who hold the light for others.

What we need is more compassion and a whole lotta less fear to fix our problems on planet earth. Yet, we still need clear boundaries of compassion as inspiration for those who are strongly attached to their ego, simply lost in the universe, sleepwalk in daylight with their headphones or pray to superficial signifiers.

Room for nouvellistes à la bouche

„City’s green spaces were used for group meetings where nouvellistes à la bouche carefully maintained pipelines of information and others collected around a single well-informed individual – the bonhomme.“ (Stephens, 1997, pg 35).

I’ve been wondering how we can rediscover those green spaces in the city, where well-informed individuals actually do know, weigh in and listen, as opposed to those who unknowingly redistribute fake news, focus on inconsequential fluff or are better at crying for attention.

When listening to Obama’s last press conference this year, it dawned on me that the bonhomme will be harder to find in 2017. Albeit, I do have hope, because punk would have never been so strong without the politics of Thatcher.

Stephens, M. (1997). A History of News. Orlando: Harcourt Brace.


Next Renegades

I’ve had enough time to let Brexump sink in, it’s still sad to see, yet even with it’s reclusive element of echo chambers and half cooked truths, we’ll see new movements emerge even stronger, because there always is a counter model, the other. Bernie just showed a glimpse of what is possible.

Until then, we’ll have to deal with Brexump politics that rather halt progress and devolve relations with our interconnected planet. Both new political spheres are already lost in their own bubble, with pressure to walk the talk, giving way to renegades with counter models that actually work and reconnect with those who were distracted.

Gifs Out Loud

Gifs have been around for a while, since 1987, where multiple frames were encoded into a single image file spec for the first time. It has to be the „under construction“ gif that gave the gif wings.

Now, thanks to Gifs Out Loud, there’s a gif keyboard for your mobile device that creates personal gifs with sound. Basically, you can create your own flickering image, add music or a personal recording and share it with your contacts.

Gifs can be inspirational when they’re in a selected context. And repetition allows for a closer look at a moment that otherwise might pass by. I think SB Nation does a great job at integrating gifs into their NHL coverage and PBS did a piece on gifs a few years back, worth a peek.

A great defensive effort by the Predators


Hate is laziness to reflect upon human history
A friend of arrogance, the cousin of insecurity

Empathy is social glue, a compass to interconnectedness
Fear divides from within, collects hate into superficial signifiers

Progress travels through those who look beyond themselves
Change understands the past, builds hope for the future

Challenge fear itself, to see the delusion of fear
Fear of loss, fear of otherness, fear of differences

Life is now, bigger than oneself, stronger than hate
Interconnectedness is the moment of our time

Feel the Bern

„I live in Vermont and I do what I want“ was a local tag line I picked up when I lived in the Green Mountain State for three years during college.

Vermont was a republic for a few years, it’s constitution was the first one in North America to provide for the abolition of slavery. Lake Champlain was connected to the western glacial lakes back in the real old days, now the Great Lakes, which is why Vermont has more native species than any other state in New England. It’s a unique state, small, albeit with clear sense of identity, progressive social politics, cold winters and is home to the birth of snowboarding, a real pedestrian zone in Burlington, as opposed to the countless, soulless malls of America.

With Bernie Sanders, Vermont is touting an independent presidential candidate, who has a solid shot of heading to the White House. What’s most compelling about Bernie is that his vision from the 80s still holds ground, it’s like „oh my god“ vintage, consistent to the idea that the common good is one worth fighting for, one that needs continual updates, where a virus scanner runs through the system, to check for imbalances and stashes away corrupted files into the quarantine.

You’ll hear about Bernie’s wild hair, his age or that his experience in Vermont is insignificant for the national stage. Or that big money rules politics, uhm Super PACs, even the polls are veering away from his ticket to the White House. It’ll be sad to see a candidate head to Washington who is everything but consistent, a pure power play who’ll copy anything, constantly change positions, spin around to make it fit, just to get the ticket.


RealClearPolitics with some numbers on November 1, 2015, where one line is going up and the other down.

Who do you believe will truly fight for the common good? Whose biography lives up to it’s words with action? Who can best connect the dots between the common, business and individual good? It’s great to see Bernie mobilize voters who see the change needed in the commons. I hope Bernie has enough time to mobilize more people who care about balancing the goods, yet still do what they want.

Adblock arms race

„The fundamental problem with advertising as a business model though, is that customers don’t like it unless it is very unobtrusive, and the industry is largely incapable of self control in that respect (did you know that most people install ad blockers due to worry about use of their data to „personalise“ them). It is a „tragedy of the commons“ problem in that it is always to the advantage of the „ad-overgrazer“, so cheaters prosper – so it’s always just easier to assume the endgame, i.e. they are all acting in bad faith – and block the lot.“

The world of pop-up ads is coming to an end, thanks to ad blocker tools, conscious customers and less intrusive ads. Albeit, subtle ads are not necessarily the more likeable way to communicate commercialism, especially when your friends promote products in their digital channels and you’re not quite sure if it’s an ad or not.

We could do with media education as a required course in schools these days, or we’ll see the beloved ad-overgrazers pop-up in the minds of our future generations without even noticing it.

via broadstuff

The Decentralized Dance Party is coming to Europe

„The Decentralized Dance Party (DDP) is a portable, battery-powered Party System. It consists of hundreds of Party people, carrying boomboxes, and a DJ who wears a backpack, containing an FM transmitter. All the boomboxes are tuned into the DJ’s master FM broadcast, resulting in a mobile, synchronized sound system.“

And it’s coming to Europe this September. The creators Tom and Gary from Vancouver, are simply using oldskool tech without the web, coupled with tons of dance legs and boomboxes. The dress code is akin to Deichkinds, also tons of fun, music video „Bück Dich hoch“. Oh, and the DDP adventure in Europe is crowd powered and still needs your help.


Q-Tip is back on track, this time he’s on with the Chemical Brothers new release „Go“, the second track on their upcoming album Born in the Echoes via se germanically inspired name Astralwerks. Released in May, the „Go“ video has a Bauhaus/Kraftwerk/Metropolis feel and was directed by Michel Gondry, who also had his signature under the superhero action flik The Green Hornet, yup, with Christoph Waltz and Seth Rogen.

Metropolis on the edge of control. They take our money, but they won’t take our soul. Forget, ain’t gon‘ do it no mo‘. Won’t do what we told and we ain’t gonna fold. We go.

For all the German viewers, thanks to the royalty collectors Gema, who btw need some serious competition, the „Go“ video can’t be found on YouTube, only on the mighty sluggish vevo. Thanks to the Brothers for uploading the Gema friendly version a few days ago. Go, go, go.


World Cup of Hockey?

For the third installation of the „World Cup of Hockey“ in 2016, the Europe All-Stars will exclude Czech Republic, Finland, Russia and Sweden, but include countries such as Slovakia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Belarus, Estonia, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania (among others).

Wow, that’s the most confusing Team Europe ever. I can’t wait to hear the introduction on the ice to that one! Now two groups are being lumped together:

Group A: Canada, Czech Republic, USA, Europe All-Stars

Group B: Sweden, Finland, Russia, U23-North Americans

Sure, the best teams in Europe are the Czechs, Finns and Swedes, I think the Swiss could go solo as well in terms of performance. It’s a bit akin to the NBA World Championship or MLB World Series, not quite that global, rather North American. For a truly global world cup of hockey, I would like to add the Caribbean All-Stars to Group A, which includes players from Jamaica and Barbados.

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