It’s Like a Force Field

Ziggy has always been a positive spiritual force with his music. Upon release of his album Fly Rasta he explained it’s uniqueness and how it’s packed with a full load of past experiences; Fly Rasta is at a good place after five prior albums of wisdom. David Nesta Marley grew the most in love, in spite of todays more visible attraction to hate on planet earth.

I love everyone, I don’t hate no one. Once we can find that love, life becomes easier, love is like a shield, like a barrier against negative energy, if you have too much love it’s like a force field.

His albums Love Is My Religion, Ziggy Marley in ConcertFly RastaZiggy Marley all got Grammy love for Best Reggae Album.

Staying true to your roots without co-opting your inner core to quick selfish fixes, products or signifiers the world never waited for is a life long challenge. I’m always inspired by people who build a force field that fights the negative and empower the future for others.

I remember a spiritual mentor who mentioned that it’s often easier to lean towards the negative than the positive. Living empathy is a positive excercise, to see other people without one’s own default setting – I’m pretty sure that those force fields are in endless supply.

Without Secondary Information

 Six years ago an influencer was thought of as having a true voice

An influencer has a different way of thinking, embraces all forms of culture and has an opinion that is very valued, with concepts not yet in the mainstream conciousness.

„Once you get to that kind of level and you’re tapped by corporations, then you sort of loose your ability to actually be in touch with what’s going on, you’re reacting to secondary information.“ – David Gensler

Thanks for the heads up in 2011, Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson, who directed and produced the film over at R+I Creative.