Around this time last year, I wrote in this newsletter space that 2020 will be a shift year, and if the pendulum swings in one direction, I'm sure it will swing back. I hope we can focus our swing in a direction that is more circular and interconnected this year.

I've been busy building a new venture dubbed Plankton the past year. We're currently in our first test phase with a select group of people. It will empower and connect decentralized blogs with a unique software that enables solidarity.

Our customers can find new readers and make their voices heard beyond the data and privacy traps of the usual tech suspects. We're also trying to live up to our goals as social impact entrepreneurs, from the inside out, and hope to prove that we can amplify more peaceful, truthful and democratic forms of media.

Stay aware and healthy, we're in this together!
Blog Posts
The autonomous Web of the 20s
Those anarchic days of everyone becoming their own media, where everyone can communicate with everyone between each others autonomous digital spaces, are strong in spirit and never went away. We only got lost in silos the last decade and traded our privacy and connected ownership for centless convenience and surveillance.

I wrote a poem about inter being a few months into 2016, four years later, it still seems pertinent in light of those dark hours at the Capitol in DC.

Hockey Tip
Tim Stützle Highlights (YouTube) Amazing highlight reel from young süper talent Tim Stützle at the World Hockey Juniors in Edmonton this past week. He got drafted to the Ottawa Senators from Adler Mannheim, a wonderful hockey organization, where I played as a kid for three years.

Child Wisdom
"Did teachers go to school as well? - My five year old son Jonathan wonders before he enters school in the summer of 2021

Jonathan and Jasper chasing the fall foliage at Britzer Garten in beautiful and colorful Berlin.

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