Boundaries of Compassion

I’m happy to be alive in this time of age. I can live to be over 80 as a man, I can easily access one of the last frontier countries on planet earth, New Zealand, if I want to. I have access to affordable health care and can take paid parental leave for twelve months for my new born child, if I want to. I can choose from an array of media sources on the interwebs to attain the closest account of the truth possible.

I’m impressed about refugees, who arrived in masses last year, getting their first pay checks in their new jobs, which makes me proud, especially as a German. I’m also content about Berlin’s reaction to the fear machine, been there, done that, it’s so 1933.

Even though 2016 has been a mighty dirty dust in the wind, unity is more common than division and those who understand our misperception of being stuck inside our skin, where we outsource happiness to us versus others, are those who hold the light for others.

What we need is more compassion and a whole lotta less fear to fix our problems on planet earth. Yet, we still need clear boundaries of compassion as inspiration for those who are strongly attached to their ego, simply lost in the universe, sleepwalk in daylight with their headphones or pray to superficial signifiers.

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