Look beyond your own thirst

We’re down for life with one destiny
It seems that the devil keeps testing me
Got the illest part of the recipe
– Q-Tip, Pad & Pen, The Love Movement, 1998

Back in the days when I was a teenager, when I lived in NY without a pager
Too many kids got lost in the malls, giving away their spirit to consumer calls

Touched pucks on the ice, took the sound shore scoring crown twice
Tribe inspired me first, to dig deeper and look beyond your own thirst


Hate is laziness to reflect upon human history
A friend of arrogance, the cousin of insecurity

Empathy is social glue, a compass to interconnectedness
Fear divides from within, collects hate into superficial signifiers

Progress travels through those who look beyond themselves
Change understands the past, builds hope for the future

Challenge fear itself, to see the delusion of fear
Fear of loss, fear of otherness, fear of differences

Life is now, bigger than oneself, stronger than hate
Interconnectedness is the moment of our time

Passing Noises for Voices

Voices sent into data spaces
Missing the moment sent

Reaching out into one sphere of choice
Almost for the genuine dialog to share

Learning from the ground again
Leaving the past behind

Move now, learn from the future
In its physical digital path
Passing noises for voices