Tweetbusting Led By Donkeys

Who says you can’t tweet in meat space? Thanks to four dads with a ladder, tweets and things politicians actually said are plastered onto billboards across the UK, to expose the hypocrisy they voiced about the Brexit, because the internet never forgets.

At first their bold prints were glued into meat space when the sun went down, after their kids went to bed, as a public service ad space hijack. Now they have money from crowdfunding as means to pay others to stick tweets for real.

This form of tweetbusting is a beautiful way to put pressure on politicians who flip flop all over the place and would rather want past tweets to evaporate into cybernirvana than come back to life with a higher impact. I’ll never forget a media seller telling me why billboard ads still exist.

“Those who buy the ads love seeing themselves or their company logo in the big outdoors.”

– anonymous media seller

Well done Led by Donkeys, grab them by the ego. In light of their civic engagement, I don’t want to hear others who are too busy chasing their own tail, as carrot hunters with limited time or spiritual deep divers who think money coupled with business models is the meaning of life, complain that you can’t make a difference.

via Guardian

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