Planes, trains, automobiles and Hotel Orania

Steve Martin and John Candy didn’t take the train either

Trying to capitalize on Berlin-Kreuzberg’s Kottikiez vibe for tourists, with hotel prices of up to 700 Euros per night, the owner of the newly opened Hotel Orania, Dietmar Mueller-Elmau, thinks that not everyone can pay the price for a train ticket to Germany’s capital, the same goes for Hotel Orania, but Dietmar says it’s not Berlin’s fault.

Luckily enough, Berlin’s new airport is still not finished, if it were it might bring ever more gentrifiers to the city that’ll always become. And for those who can’t pay for the train ticket, you’ll have to either walk or stay at home. If that’s not an option, you can always try carpooling. In case you’re in total doubt and stacked with zero cash, you can lock yourself in the toilet on the train of your choice en route to big B.

Dietmar is highly familiar with overpriced hotel rooms in his castle in Bavaria. And he’s always liked contradictions, even as a kid, he once turned off the power during a classical concert in the castle where he grew up. It sounds like a task only a Zapatista is capable of!

I hope that Tricky’s observation of this small town big conglomeration and it’s free spirit stays longer than hotels no one has been waiting for:

“Berlin is the last big city in the world with a vibe” – Tricky

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