Too many apps on the dancefloor

Growing up as a kid in the States is difficult enough. Going wild on spring break is a valve gone burst due to years of control and repression.

You can’t drink until you’re 21 years old and you’ll need a paper bag to cover your beer in public. A whole lotta parents keep their teenagers on lock down before they move out. Moms and dads have mad limo driver skills, as they transfer their children from school, baseball practice and to the mall.

If you kiss in public, it’s safe to say that someone will tell you to get a room. Playgrounds are full of plastic fantastic, so nobody can sue anybody and kids don’t get hurt. Odds are high that you’re a late bloomer in America when it comes to being an independent, healthy, common sense human.

Freedom has a different connotation in real life than seen in the movies. Flirting can be a very subtle, ambigious thing. Yet, if you’re accustomed to be being controlled, carpooled and connected by your parents or other fear ridden adults, I’m not surprised that uConsent, an app for saying ok to sex was developed in Las Vegas.

„One of the dumbest uses of online technology the world has ever seen.“- Bob Hoffmann

via WSJ


Hate is laziness to reflect upon human history
A friend of arrogance, the cousin of insecurity

Empathy is social glue, a compass to interconnectedness
Fear divides from within, collects hate into superficial signifiers

Progress travels through those who look beyond themselves
Change understands the past, builds hope for the future

Challenge fear itself, to see the delusion of fear
Fear of loss, fear of otherness, fear of differences

Life is now, bigger than oneself, stronger than hate
Interconnectedness is the moment of our time