Room for nouvellistes à la bouche

„City’s green spaces were used for group meetings where nouvellistes à la bouche carefully maintained pipelines of information and others collected around a single well-informed individual – the bonhomme.“ (Stephens, 1997, pg 35).

I’ve been wondering how we can rediscover those green spaces in the city, where well-informed individuals actually do know, weigh in and listen, as opposed to those who unknowingly redistribute fake news, focus on inconsequential fluff or are better at crying for attention.

When listening to Obama’s last press conference this year, it dawned on me that the bonhomme will be harder to find in 2017. Albeit, I do have hope, because punk would have never been so strong without the politics of Thatcher.

Stephens, M. (1997). A History of News. Orlando: Harcourt Brace.


Next Renegades

I’ve had enough time to let Brexump sink in, it’s still sad to see, yet even with it’s reclusive element of echo chambers and half cooked truths, we’ll see new movements emerge even stronger, because there always is a counter model, the other. Bernie just showed a glimpse of what is possible.

Until then, we’ll have to deal with Brexump politics that rather halt progress and devolve relations with our interconnected planet. Both new political spheres are already lost in their own bubble, with pressure to walk the talk, giving way to renegades with counter models that actually work and reconnect with those who were distracted.