You First Dope

My high school history teacher was the first person who inspired me to take the road less traveled – a quest to find your inner dope. Sound simple? He meant it: be curious, be open and relentless on your quest for more dope. He advised me to take life choices that help find even more dope, especially if they challenge currently held beliefs, or those propagated by informal social pressures.

Never buy your dope for profit, security or expectations from others, if you love what you do, you’ll be able to live from it and define success that you deem fit. Or to quote Michelle Obama, “because success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”

I think the shortcomings of our market conformed socio-economic system, with it’s false perception, projection of happiness, misguided by material gain and apparent lack of spiritual empathy, reduces the capability of our human life, leaves us behind as slaves of the in-house drive by.

The idea of a you first mentality is old school, yet, somehow makes less sense than me first, because it ain’t for me. Hey wait, I have to work, make money, take care of my life, put food on the table. Why should I care about you? I have enough to take care of. I like to act upon me first for material gain or social eye candy, in other words, use social relationships as capital for personal gain, as to quasi shine in the light of others, a novelty that wears off and leaves behind emptiness once the benefit does.

I think the idea that your spiritual, physical and verbal actions influence your life code is rarely communicated by educators, the media or spiritual posers. We mostly live undercover as office drones, settle for less, vote for those who do as well and strangely enough buy into products we only use once and click on like buttons of people we never see.

I need more inner dope, need to try that you first thing more, to see whether my life code changes without even noticing it, similar to an update of your web browser, surfs up!

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