Flip-flopping Facebook pitches

The point is, if there’s anyone who knows how to blind the marketing industry with horseshit, it’s Facebook. But now, they may actually be in a position to do the marketing world some good despite the industry’s unwillingness to help itself.

As always, Bob Hoffmann knows how to break it down, this time how Facebook has flipflopped their sales pitches to gullible marketeers. Zuckerberg once proclaimed that brands are now part of the conversation, yet they never paid to be part of it, all they got was super cheap ads disguised as text boxes. Oh wait, brands also pay for personal data that users willingly give away for free.

More importantly, the mostly blue and white site is loosing teens since their parents are on Facebook too. Bob argues this might be a good chance for them to target users over 50, good luck.

via The Ad Contrarian

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