Works that Work

Peter Bilak, in an interview with Magculture on the roll out of his new reader funded magazine Works that Work.

What are you most excited by about the launch issue of Works That Work?

It’s being shipped right now to the readers, so it’s great to hear from them. Our readers fully funded the project, so they feel it’s ‘their’ magazine, and are generous about the feedback. They are great — they write what they think, suggesting topics, but also help us to distribute the magazine. Good to have them so involved in the project.

I think the Editorial Statement is solid, and with only 10% reserved for advertising, it offers sufficient space for reflection and focus.

We are interested in the manifestations of unexpected creativity. Perceptive, lucid, patient. Practical, positive, detached from artists’ egos, searching the globe to bring you just works that work.

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