Beyond the 90s

Beyond the 90s

The unheroic efforts of marketeers partially give up on Gen X at some point. I think a good chunk of that generation never believed in the promise that consumerism would save the planet or that it would bring long lasting peace to every corner of China and Russia.

Vermont strong

Vermont and the city of Burlington received a letter from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions with a threat of potentially drying up federal funding if they continue to violate federal law, albeit it’s unclear if they even are.

Feel the Bern

„I live in Vermont and I do what I want“ was a local tag line I picked up when I lived in the Green Mountain State for three years during college.

With Bernie Sanders, Vermont is touting an independent presidential candidate, who has a solid shot of heading to the White House. What’s most compelling about Bernie is that his vision from the 80s still holds ground.