Will the real influencers please stand up

Some say that the credit that influencers once got for their authenticity is running out. In a report for research firm Forrester, marketing analysts say they expect that, as with other forms of advertising, people will eventually ascribe no more trust to influencers’ branded content than to brands themselves. When authenticity becomes a commodity, how authentic can it be?

– Hanna Kozlowska

Back in the days when weapons of mass destruction were never found in Iraq, the web’s first seed for personally owned platforms, autonomous blogs, were placed onto the map of mainstream media’s modes of knowledge as an alternative dissemination solution for distributing content. And it initially served as a purpose for empowerment, to place checks and balances on those who deceive and destroy.

Along came centralized platforms of control or so called social media. We’ll give you total convenience while you voluntarily provide us with private pictures so we can manipulate your ego and sell that data to anyone willing to pay for it. At the same time we’ll give you attention that you can sell to advertisers that will eventually blur the line between private, personal and public informationen and create total commodification in our streams.

It’s beautiful to see the pendulum swinging. Maybe we can find a new base for the future of personally owned platforms with relay stations that transcend total commodification and reboot empowerment?

via Quartz


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